What Hackathons We Offer

We organise hackathons around multiple interesting subjects and try to solve the pressing problems which our clients have through technological co-innovation and co-creation.

Corporate Hackathons

We help corporates drive hackathons with products, platforms, and brands by connecting them to our curated developer community. From aviation to a SAAS sector we've helped run hackathons across varied sectors.

What is a corporate hackathon?

Companies nowadays are hosting many tech events for their employees and/or for general public. Hackathon can be one of the events to validate skills or get innovative products and ideas from people via co-innovation and co-creation.
Internal hackathons can be hosted to validate the skills of employees or to crowdsource a new product idea or to solve a problem using technology. Hackathons can also be standalone events inviting professionals and students to build prototypes on their ideas to solve specific problems of the company or specific theme.

How corporate hackathon benifits your company?

  • Multiple Innovative ideas or solutions to the problems faced by the company.
  • Improves the co-creation and team bonding among the employees
  • Validate the skills of employees.
  • Promoting Tech-in-people & Building Developer Communities
  • Branding and CSR.

Hiring Hackathons

We organise hiring hackathons for organisations who want to hire developers through a hackatho or an online coding challnege which gives an automated leaderboard based on the code evaluation done by our in-house compiler.

Hiring hackathon is of 2 kinds.

  1. Host a physical hackathon where you give some problem statements or theme and candidates build prototypes on their own ideas to solve them within a specific time (24hours generally). Through this you get to know about the persons’ approach towards different phases of product building, know the actual technical skills, his personality during work, his capability and efforts towards work etc. You would get the right candidate who will fit in all aspects and would add value to your organisation.

  2. Host an online challenge where there are puzzles or questions to be solved through coding on the specific technology/ies for which company is looking to hire, with a fixed timer for each question. From people applying with resume and skills, testing the tech and non-tech skills to getting the final best people for the role, you get everything at one place. You don’t have to filter and handle too many resumes and take lot of pain any more. It cuts down a lot of time, efforts and resources which companies put in for hiring each time and get quality people for them..

College Hackathons

We have organised hackathons across 18 cities in India at numerous colleges, we hand hold you to run a successful and self sustainable hackathon.


It’s a general human tendency that we don’t learn when we are just theoretically taught about something, but we learn when we put in our efforts. And we don’t put in efforts if we are made to do something we are not really interested in.


Through college hackathons we make students think out of the box and put-in the efforts to build on their own idea so that it inculcates the culture on innovation in them. Expert mentorship is provided to shape their ideas and help them with prototyping throughout the hackathon.


Students tend to learn a lot during the hackathon, about new technologies and tools to get their idea into reality. They explore new ways of approach in solving any problem with our expert mentorship. It help students to improve innovation skills, teamwork, rapid prototyping, launch their startup and a lot more.

Series Hackathons

We work with various governments and organisations to run series of hackathons with multiple rounds, for identifying a solution for the problem statements sourced from the government.

What is it?

Series of hackathons running in different colleges/cities/places on single theme or specific problem statements to engage bigger crowd from different places towards solving multiple issues based on the theme or specified problem statements.


You get a large number of varied solutions towards each problem statement from different perspectives of the participants.

For instance, we did a hackathon series for the Government of Andhra Pradesh where we selected 18 colleges across 6 districts to conduct hackathons and workshops on "Blockchain", the series witnessed participation of over 2500 students who built more than 450 prototypes using the blockchain technology for a safer tomorrow, over 10 mentors flew from all over India to mentor the students at the hackathon. They built products ranging from healthcare to real estate.

The hackathon portal developed by Hackmania for the Government of Andhra Pradesh was launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of AP, Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu at the Blockchain Conference Vizag.

Planning to Host a Hackathon ?

We will help you in doing the right thing, with the best possible outcome in mind